Candy Train for Pocket PC

Candy Train for Pocket PC 1.02

In Candy Train you must keep the train track connected to keep the train safe
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Astraware Ltd

Candy Train for Pocket PC 1.2 is a puzzle game developed by Astraware. Astraware is a well known developer in the world of Pocket PC games and has previously released many famous titles such as Bejeweled, Alchemy, and many more. Candy Train for Pocket PC 1.2 has been designed to be installed in Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, but as it's a quite old game it won't work on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices, so before buying you should try it.
Candy Train is an interesting puzzle game where you must tap the squares on the display to connect the train track so that the train does not derail or run into the edge of the scenery. There are three difficult levels to keep things challenging, and the game is very addictive.
Considering the game is some years old, we can say that the graphics are quite good. Nevertheless the sound could be better, as well as music. If you don't really mind this minor points, you'll probably love the game.
Demo version will show a screen before playing for some seconds until the game is registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Easy to learn
  • Very addictive


  • Quite old game
  • Doesn't work on Windows Mobile 6 devices
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